Experienced, skilled professionals like Richard may not be your ‘pocket-friendly’ and cheap immigration consultants you may opt for, but those will not be professionally experienced like Richard.

Client R came to us with a complex, and long-outstanding permanent residency application. This story has a positive ending, but for a while it looked like it might not.

Complex: Visa requirements and relationship breakdown

Client R came to us when his permanent residency application had been outstanding for over four years. In the meantime, he had discovered that his partner wasn’t able to fulfil visa requirements. And as a result, the relationship had broken down.

The case’s three parts are what made it complicated.

A Pakistani, Client R found that in the early post-9/11 world, Australia was one of few options open to him. The usual go-to countries like Canada and the UK became even more difficult to enter for English-speaking migrants. Australia was an option, but an unpopular one.

Client R chose Australia because of its almost-zero gun culture. It was a key reason for deciding that he wanted to live here. This, and his financial ability to relocate.

Client R came to us because of our ability to handle difficult cases

Richard’s ability to deal with high levels of complexity was something that Client R had read on this very website. And it was enough to make him pick up the phone and enquire.

At the beginning of his immigration law experience, Client R had believed that it was easy enough to deal with immigration alone. But because immigration law has fluctuating rules, it became more and more difficult. His trust in the system quickly eroded. Soon, too, did his faith in the sincerity of immigration to genuinely help law-abiding foreigners.

In working with Richard, Client R found that having a proxy in a complex case can be valuable. Richard changed Client R’s perception that doing it all by yourself is good enough.

Now that his matter is concluded – and successfully! – Client R still feels the same way about DIBP. But he has high praise for Richard’s improvement of his immigration experience.

What was Client R’s experience with us like?

Client R found that we were able to balance humanitarian needs and unbiased professional ethics. He found our conduct, communication, feedback and updates professional. Together, they contributed to the best experience he’d had in his immigration journey.

Here is what Client R had to say about us:

“I was once told that immigration works in its own interests, and an immigration lawyer works in your interests. Since I used to have faith in the human-centric nature of law, I never felt a need for somebody to work on my behalf. This changed when I found myself dealing with my five-years-old, outstanding permanent residency case.

Richard proved what I was told. His professionalism in dealing with the case, the depth and breadth of details that he catered for, and his surprise visit in accompanying me on my hearing with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) restored my confidence. He helped me walk the last miles, which are always the hardest.

Do not make your choice of your immigration consultant merely on the fees they charge. Experienced, skilled professionals like Richard may not be your ‘pocket-friendly’ and cheap immigration consultants you may opt for, but those will not be professionally experienced like Richard.”

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