Arnel Sunga

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Arnel Sunga

Executive Assistant

Level 10/ 239 George Street, Brisbane QLD 4000

07 3166 9100

Arnel Sunga is an Executive Assistant with Timpson Immigration. He is one of the points of contact for Timpson Immigration and will book your consultations and any follow-up calls that may be needed. His role is to assist his clients’ concerns and help with any issues they may be facing. Arnel is a problem solver and likes to build relationships to best serve Timpson Immigration clients. 

 Arnel has a broad knowledge of the different types of visas offered and has a keen interest in immigration matters.  He has comprehensive knowledge of the administrative aspects of day-to-day and the ins and outs of a legal firm. Arnel provides professional support to our clients and enjoys working in a fast-paced environment. Outside of work, Arnel enjoys playing Volleyball.