If you have called our offices in the past six months, you have more than likely spoken with our Receptionist, Danielle. But calling her a receptionist doesn’t give her the kudos she deserves. She is the wonder woman behind our smooth administration.

‘Officially, I believe it falls under the Superwoman category,’ quipped Danielle when we asked her to describe her official role. ‘It is a combination of legal secretary, administration assistant and receptionist. As well as anything and everything else that requires my attention.’

Photograph of Danielle. She's a brunette, with long-flowing hair. In this photograph she's wearing gold, beaded head-jewellery and a high-necked black top.
Our superwoman, Dani.

Since coming in to the firm, Danielle has been instrumental in helping us to refine our work processes, lift our efficiencies, and get everything done. As one of our key customer touch-points, Danielle’s drive for improving things is driven by a desire to help people.

A typical day for Danielle

As the front-of-house superwoman, Danielle is quite literally a gatekeeper. We asked her to describe her day for us:

‘It usually starts with our morning meeting to recap what we did the day before, and plan what we have on for the day ahead,’ she began. ‘It is then a full day of liaising with and managing clients, booking appointments, working with Richard and Stephanie to draft and finalise applications, documents and correspondence. And general correspondence.’

Why Danielle loves immigration… and working here

Amazingly, working with us is her first time in immigration law.

‘Richard and Louise took a chance on me and haven’t looked back – hopefully!’ reflected Danielle. ‘It was a completely new field for me, and something I can honestly say I never pictured myself doing. But I love it!’

The love that Danielle has for her job is two-fold: On the one hand is working in a small, passionate team. On the other is the satisfaction of helping people to fulfil their life dreams.

‘We are such a small team that we are all very close, and we all love what we do,’ Danielle explained. ‘Everyone knows what is going on, and everyone has an input into the business. Not many people I know can say the same thing about their job.’

Not being a number is what gives Danielle a real sense of satisfaction in coming to work every day.

‘I know that I have the ability to grow and progress with the business,’ she told us. ‘Knowing that I am not just a number is an amazing sense of satisfaction every single day.’

And the reward?

‘Meeting new people and knowing that we are helping them is an awesome reward,’ Danielle enthused. ‘We live in such a great country, and one that allows others to enjoy it as well. It’s satisfying to know that every day we are helping people fulfil their dreams of a life in Australia.’

Danielle’s down time

A laid-back and happy sort of woman, Danielle says she’s also opinionated and up for a challenge. A person who’s always up for a good time, but simultaneously reliable and organised.

What does she do when she’s not at work, then?

‘I have two very different sides when it comes to my down time,’ Danielle told us. ‘I love staying active and working up sweat to burn off the food and wine that I love. I also have a passion for travelling – which I wish I did more of! But my bliss is sometimes just being home on the lounge with a big bowl of popcorn and kicking back with a good movie.’

And the crystal ball?

Danielle’s future isn’t one that she has mapped out, being happy to go with the flow and see where she ends up. More travel is definitely on the cards. But so is growing into our business, a place where she never thought she’d be.

‘I hope to progress further into my role as a legal secretary, and eventually a paralegal,’ said Danielle. ‘Given Richard Timpson’s ability to train and promote from within, I could also see myself in a higher level role such as management at some point.’

In all of her career aspirations, Danielle is looking to grow her knowledge of immigration and law so she can apply it to whatever comes her way in future.

‘I’m not too much for planning where I will be in the future. It’s more of a ‘see where I end up and let it be.’

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