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The Process of Becoming an Australian citizen when you do it yourself

It’s finally ready! Proudly announcing our new do it yourself product, the DIY Citizenship.

What is the DIY Citizenship product?

The DIY (or Do It Yourself) Citizenship is a tool you can buy that will walk you through your citizenship application.

It gives you explanations and step-by-step instructions for:

  • the whole process
  • the evidence that you need
  • filling in your application
  • how to lodge it
  • what to once you’ve lodged it.

The Process of Becoming an Australian citizen when you do it yourself

Why should I buy this instead of just filling in my own application?

Even though you can fill in your own application for citizenship, it is still an application process. This means that you are applying to have your case considered by the Department of Immigration.

It’s not as simple as exchanging a form and some money for a new nationality.

Tthere are a lot of ways it can go wrong if you don’t know the detail about what, how, and why. That’s what we’ve developed: A series of videos and walkthroughs that teach you about the citizenship process.

DIY Citizenship means you can get your very own Australian passport

Source: Traveller

Why is it important for me to learn about the citizenship process? It sounds boring!

In plain terms: The more informed you are, the better your application will be.

For example, if you don’t know what types of evidence to provide, you are more likely to guess and get it wrong. Or, if you’re not sure what the minimum requirement is for your application, you are also likely to miss important detail.

Learning about the citizenship process isn’t boring when your learning is focused, applied, and life-changing. The DIY Citizenship gives you the power to change your life.

How is this different to other do-it-yourself solutions?

The other DIY Citizenship products available in Australia are a bit like software ‘wizards’. They ask you questions and fill in your form for you, and then give you access to the forms online, in an account.

What they don’t do is tell you how to collect evidence. How to get your evidence in the right format. How to lodge your application.

And they don’t tell you what to expect after you’ve lodged your application.

The Richard Timpson DIY Citizenship matches your citizenship journey: From wondering what you need, to wondering when you’ll hear whether your application was successful.

We aren’t interested in keeping or holding your data. We want you to have the skills and knowledge to handle the entire process yourself.

What if my application is not successful?

The DIY Citizenship covers this possibility too!

When a citizenship application is not successful, you can find yourself confused and disheartened. The videos included with your product anticipate that perhaps not every application will be successful. So, we created material to help you through this situation, just in case you find yourself in it.

Don’t find yourself with an unsuccessful application and no idea what to do next. Invest in a product that is going to give you everything you need to manage your citizenship with confidence.

Get your DIY Citizenship now >>

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