Happy New Year from the Richard Timpson team

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The New Year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on the past and plan for the future. Whether you’re newly arrived in Australia or have been here for decades, take some time to contemplate the year ahead.

What do you hope to achieve in 2016?

There is only one way to achieve your goals. And that is: To take action!

Whatever your goals for the year, write them down. You might want to move to Australia, or lodge a partner visa application, or become a permanent resident. Or, you might want to take a big leap and become a citizen.

Whatever it is, start planning now. Then, take one step every week – or every month – that will move you towards your goals. You’ll achieve it in no time at all.

Countdown from New Year to Australia Day

For many, the New Year is important for another reason. It’s when the countdown to the Australia Day citizenship ceremonies begin.

We are looking forward to all of our new citizens taking part in their local citizenship ceremonies in 2016. If you are one of them, please send us photos!

If becoming a citizen is in your plan for the new year, why not start the process now? Our free online quiz can tell you in just a few minutes whether or not you’re eligible. After that, you can use our Citizenship Kit to do your application yourself!

Whatever your plans for 2016, we wish you all the best for a successful year ahead.

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