Why should I become an Australian citizen?

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Citizenship is the final step in many people’s migration stories. But it’s not always clear why you should become an Australian citizen. After reading this you will have a clearer idea about the benefits, and will be able to get the right help.

Image: Timothy Swinson (used under license)

As an Australian citizen, deportation/removal risk is lower

The first one has traditionally been that you can’t be deported. However, that is not strictly true. If, for example, you are involved in terrorist activity, then your citizenship may be taken away – even if you are not a dual national.

However, that’s an extreme circumstance.

Save money on international travel

After your first five years as a permanent resident, you have to get a Resident Return visa to be able to re-enter Australia.

You need to get a new Resident Return visa every five years. Few people realise that the cost of a Resident Return visa costs about the same as a Citizenship does, but a citizenship gives you freedom of re-entry.

You can participate in political life

By ‘political life’ we mean that you can vote, you become eligible to work in federal government jobs, and you are able to run for political office.

Education costs can be deferred

As an Australian citizen, you become eligible for education loans like the Higher Education Loan Program (HELP). The HELP loans allow you to defer the cost of tertiary education in Australia.

Australian citizenship gives you other benefits

There are a range of other benefits as a citizen. You can

  • adopt children
  • gain access to full residence rights in New Zealand
  • gain simplified access to work in the United States (some occupations only)
  • represent Australia internationally
  • have open to you honours like Order of Australia

… and much more besides.

Do I need to give up my home country’s citizenship?

It depends where you are from. Some countries allow dual citizenship (such as Britain), but others do not (such as Austria, India, Japan, Singapore).

One of the benefits of dual citizenships may include expanded travel possibilities, and the ability to work and reside in other countries.

Did you know you can do your citizenship yourself?

You can lodge Australian citizenship applications yourself. However, there are a number of parts to it, eligibility requirements are strict, and it’s enormously disappointing if you get it wrong.

By adding your details below, you will be among the first to hear about our forthcoming Citizenship Kit. The Kit will assess your eligibility, step you through the application, and make sure that you get it right. Sign up below » »

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