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Ready for Australian Citizenship?

Let us take you there Becoming an Australian Citizen has many benefits in terms of stability and rights compared to temporary or permanent residency. Take the next step of your journey with us. We have options to suit your situation, needs and budget. Full legal service, guided DIY and DIY Citizenship (see over for details). Full Legal Service For full peace of mind contact us to discuss your needs. Guided Service   DIY with a consult if you require more reassurance. Assess the DIY kit and contact us if feel you would like more guidance. Do It Yourself Citizenship Kit  Want to gain Australian citizenship but not sure how? Did you know that you can manage the process yourself? Our Do It Yourself kit lets you take control guiding you through the key steps to becoming an Australian Citizen. You’ve been through the immigration process once, you know that it can be complicated.  You know you must carefully prepare your application and it can be easy to miss key elements. BUT – only if you don’t know how to go through it, or what is required, to get it right (if you are eligible).

The DIY Kit takes you through everything that you need to do. Take the next step on your great adventure. Our kit will help you to Understand whether you are eligible to apply (FREE)

  • Learn everything you need to know about the process
  • With all of the forms: What they are and what you need
  • Know what evidence you need and why
  • Complete all of the forms
  • Know which fees to pay and how to pay them.

Get started for just $295

If you decide that you don’t want to do it entirely by yourself, you can choose another option that gets you the help you need. It’s important to note that fees payable to the Department of Home Affairs (such as citizenship application fees) are separate. All of these details are included in the package.

What if I’m not eligible?

If you are not eligible then you don’t pay a cent. The DIY Citizenship starts with a free eligibility quiz. If you aren’t eligible, you don’t pay. Instead, you get advice as to what options are available to you.

Disclaimer – important please read:

Disclaimer – important please read: Please be aware that the DIY Citizenship Kit is based on current legislation despite any recent announcements to the contrary.  Currently the law has not changed and the regime detailed in the kit is still valid in our view. We encourage non-citizens where they meet the requirements as they currently stand to look at their capacity based on what the law is at present rather than what may or may not happen in the event of a change (to Section 21 of the Australian Citizenship Act 2007). If the situation changes Timpson Immigration Lawyers will temporarily remove the DIY Citizenship Kit to review and update.  Unfortunately we cannot be held responsible for DIY applications already purchased and/or submitted using the current regime should changes come in to force retrospectively. Coming soon – our new and improved DIY Citizenship Kit Due 15 June. Please send through your details if you are interested and we will contact you when it is ready. (The current product is temporarily unavailable).

Your service options Full Citizenship service

  • We do majority of the work on your behalf
  • Outstanding success rate
  • Faster submission time
  • Total peace of mind
  • Cost $3000 – $5000

DIY Citizenship

  • Do it at your own pace
  • Guided videos
  • All the forms & instructions
  • Low cost option
  • Easy access
  • Supported by Immigration Lawyer practice based in Australia
  • Cost $295

It’s important to note that Department of Home Affairs fees are additional to all packages. Our first DIY Citizenship Kit client became an Australian on Australia Day 2017. “I highly recommend this kit to people who are willing and prepared to “give it a go”. The step by step process in which the kit is set out and the videos that go along with it, makes it easy for an average person like me to follow and understand this somewhat daunting process”.  Sef Fale

Concerned about the Citizenship Test?

The DHA website provides lots of information on how to prepare for your test along with practice tests.