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Experts in immigration law – outstanding success rate – here for YOU!

Timpson Immigration Lawyers (formerly Richard Timpson Solicitors and Migration Agents) are experts in all aspects of immigration law.

We offer advice and assistance on all migration issues including primary visa applications, merits reviews, judicial reviews and ministerial intervention applications.

Richard Timpson (our founder)  is an Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law (one of only six in Queensland).  His specialist knowledge places him as the best resource you can have in this area, regardless of your location. 

Changing lives today, for Australia’s tomorrow

Helping people to create a great life in Australia is the primary drive for doing what we do. We pride ourselves on understanding your needs.  We will always work towards optimum outcomes in all situations and won’t engage you unless we know we can help.  With our outstanding success rate why choose anyone else?

Why use an immigration lawyer?

When organising legal and official documentation one of the most challenging hurdles to overcome relates to the submission of the correct documentation. The immigration department will require a variety of documents; from birth certificates all the way to documentation relating to criminal records, offences and driving bans.

Failure to submit these forms when requested can result in a delay, or even a rejection of the application altogether. A lawyer will have a firm understanding of this and will help to ensure that all relevant paperwork is prepared and organised, ready for submission.

By utilising the services of an immigration agent, the chances of obtaining approval increase several times over – and this is why so many international applicants are turning to them for assistance.

How we help you

We represent and provide legal support to migrants across all areas of immigration law. We will give you advice and assistance on the best options available in your situation. Click here for more detail about how we help you.

Meet the team

Richard Timpson    Founder & Principal Lawyer

“My focus is to get all our clients the right outcome”

  • Accredited immigration law specialist
  • Nearly 20 year’s legal experience
  • Expert in complex immigration law
  • Innovative in his approach
  • Migrant himself from Ireland
  • His visa was granted in 2 days.
  • Not your conventional looking lawyer!

Richard qualified as a solicitor in 1999 in the Republic of Ireland. He achieved the status of an Accredited Specialist in Immigration Law in Australia in 2012. It makes him one of a small handful of Accredited Specialist lawyers in the State of Queensland.

Throughout his professional life, Richard has worked as a lawyer in various countries. He has also worked in many areas of the law, including personal injury, family law, conveyancing and wills/estates.

In 2010, Richard and his partner founded Richard Timpson Solicitors & Migration Agents in Mackay.  Initially a general practice law firm, the partners quickly realised that immigration law was really their passion and providing that Aussie lifestyle to others was an exciting way to make a living.

The company started to specialise solely in immigration law focusing more on complex immigration law cases.  A Brisbane branch has since been established and in 2016 the company changed its name to ‘Timpson Immigration Lawyers’ to better reflect their focus.

Being from Ireland originally, and perhaps with the firsthand experience of the process involved, has helped Richard to provide a higher quality of service and ultimately the best possible outcome for clients wanting to settle here permanently.

Richard’s expertise and commitment is extremely well respected in the industry.  In addition to running his own legal firm, he helps to advise other legal firms and migration agents on complex immigration matters.

Stephanie Hunt   


“Helping clients to experience what Australia has to offer highly motivates me.”

  • Law graduate.
  • No nonsense, get it done attitude.
  • Highly organised, methodical and prepared.
  • Complete perfectionist.
  • Big heart, really cares about her clients.

Louise Delaney

Joint founder & Business Development Manager

“We are pretty excited about immigration and giving our clients the beautiful Australian lifestyle that we Aussies enjoy.”

  • Strong project management skills.
  • Background in banking, finance and IT.
  • Has worked extensively overseas.
  • High entrepreneurial flair.
  • Daughter of an Irish Migrant.
  • Innovative thinks outside the square.
  • Open to ideas for affiliations and strategic alliances.

Danielle Fagg

Legal Secretary

“I have a strong desire to help people.”

  • The backbone of our office.
  • Super sharp, organised and efficient.
  • Tells it like it is.
  • Fantastic with our clients.
  • Not allowed to ever leave us!!!!!!!

Niki Griffiths

“It’s not always easy moving to another country, but it is often wonderful.  I’m glad I did it and I’m glad that we can help you too”.

Marketing & Sales Specialist

  • Passionate about people succeeding in Australia.
  • Would like to see more companies hire expert staff from overseas to fill key skill gaps in Australia.
  • Advocate of the virtual world and it’s opportunities for businesses.
  • Small to medium business marketing specialist.
  • Marketing graduate with 20 years experienced.
  • Migrant from the UK.
  • Loves to connect, it’s all about working together in business.



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